1. Establishing and maintaining well equipped homoeopathic healthcare institutions to provide accessible, affordable, comprehensive, effective, efficient & equitable healthcare to the public.
  2. Evolving the institutions in conforming to accepted national standards of health care.
  3. Ensuring continuous availability of materials, staff, equipments and services in every homoeopathic institution by effective administration & efficient management.
  4. Enabling periodic maintenance and improvement of facilities
  5. Enhancing motivation & competency of staff by incorporating techniques/tools for periodic up gradation of knowledge, skill & attitude.
  6. Equipping the Department for timely intervention in prevention of communicable and non-communicable disease in society
  7. Enriching specialized projects of the department for the welfare of special categories of the society.
  8. Exploring new management practices through research in treatment and prophylaxis
  9. Evidence generation through proper documentation, publication, statistical analysis & review of departmental activities.
  10. Engaging public in creating awareness about the potentials of Homoeopathy.
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