Kerala is credited with a series of ‘first’ in India in the development of Homoeopathy in its practice, education, research, and popularity.

  1. The first State (eastwhile Travancore) to recognise Homoeopathy officially as an authenticated and approved system of medicine in 1928.
  2. The first State in establishing a Homoeopathic Dispensary in the public sector (1958).
  3. The first State in establishing a 50 bedded Homoeopathic Hospital in the public sector (1960).
  4. The first State in providing clinical facilities in Govt. Homoeo Hospitals for giving training to students of Homoeopathy (1960.
  5. The first State to adopt a policy to promote Homoeopathy on par with other systems of medicine viz., Allopathy and Ayurveda by starting one Homoeopathic dispensary each in every panchayat (1968).
  6. The first State in forming separate Directorate for Homoeopathy with a Homoeopath as the Director (1973).
  7. The first State to start a Homoeopathic Pharmacy (manufacturing unit) under co-operative sector shared by the State Govt. (1974).
  8. The first State in establishing Degree College in Homoeopathy (1975).
  9. The first State to form separate Faculty of Homoeopathy with Board of Studies in all the three general universities. (1976 – 1984).
  10. The first State to start regular P.G. course (M.D.(Hom) in homoeopathy.(1990-1991).
  11. The first and the only one State in India to set up a P.G. Board of studies in the University of Kerala for Homoeopathy. (1995).
  12. The first State to start ESI. Dispensaries and hospital in homoeopathy under a homoeopath as its Deputy Director.
  13. The first State to form an Epidemic Control Cell at State level in Homoeopathy in 2005. (RAPID ACTION EPIDEMIC CONTROL CELL – HOMOEOPATHY [RAECH])
  14. The first state to start school health programme under Homoeopathy.
  15. The first state to start Gender based health care under Homoeopathy.
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