Rapid Action Epidemic Control Cell- Homoeopathy

//Rapid Action Epidemic Control Cell- Homoeopathy

The Govt of Kerala sanctioned the Project of Rapid Action Epidemic Control Cell Homoeopathy (RAECH), Kerala, as per GO(Rt) No: 2543/04/H & FWD dated 07/09/2004. This cell was inaugurated on 15.12.2004. Epidemic Control Measures are being initiated under the supervision of RAECH by distributing preventive medicines, conducting medical camps, health awareness programmes and seminars throughout the State, wherever epidemics break out. The activities of RAECH are accomplished every year successfully with the plan fund allotted for this project.

For the past 5 years we were successful in contributing remarkable role in prevention activities designed by Govt. of Kerala.

Efficacy of Homoeopathic medicine in prevention of Epidemics was well established in the recent survey study made by our department in the epidemic of Chikungunea.

RAECH has been organizing ROTP for Homoeopathic Doctors in compacting new epidemics.

In short our past experience in prevention of Cholera, Gastroenteritis, Japanese encephalitis, Dengue, And Chikungunea is well appreciated by people, NGO’s, LSG’s and Govt. of Kerala.


To ensure effective planning and functioning, two kinds of bodies at state and district level are constituted. One is executive and the ot

HIGH POWER COMMITTEE (HPC- RAECH)– It is the state level body delegates with executive power.


Director of Homoeopathy Chair Person
Senior most Principal/ CHME Member
Deputy Director of Homoeopathy Member


  • Organize, co-ordinate, monitor and regulate preventive activities all over the state
  • Financial and administrative responsibilities.
  • Laison with government in all matters concerning treatment and control of epidemics.
  • Collect and collate all the data and formulate base line data.

STATE LEVEL EXPERT GROUP (SLEG)- It is the state level advisory body


Chairman – Deputy Director

Project co- ordinator

  • Three experts from the profession.
  • HOD, Dept. of community medicine, GHMC, Trivandrum.
  • Members of CRIH Kottayam.
  • One representative nominated by KGHMOA.
  • One representative nominated by OGHMOK.
  • One representative nominated by IHMA.
  • One representative nominated by IHK.
  • Members of Technical Core Group (TCG).


  • Develop projects and programmes to combat epidemics.
  • Determine and authoritatively proclaim the preventive Medicine in every epidemic (Genus Epidemicus).
  • Laison with the State Disease Surveillance Cell.
  • Laison with the High Power Committee of RAECH.
  • Analyze activities, identify and rectify anomalies.

DISTRICT LEVEL RAECH (DLR) – It is the district level executive body vested with the virtual and verbal connotations of the RAECH to fling into action with rapidity


District Medical Officer (Homoeo) Chair Person
Superintendent/Senior CMO of the District Member
Senior Superintendent of District Medical office (H) Member


  • Organize, co-ordinate and monitor all Epidemic preventive activities in the district.
  • Financial and administrative responsibilities delegated by HPC-RAECH.
  • Laison with the HPC, District authorities LSGI’s and Media.
  • Collect, collate and transfer all data to HPC.

DISTRICT LEVEL EXPERT GROUP (DLEG) – This is the district level advisory body which is constituted by the DLR


Dist. Medical Officer (Homoeo) Chairman
Supdt/Senior CMO of the District Member
HOD of Dept. of community medicine Member
One member from KGHMOA Member
One member from OGHMOK Member
One member from IHK Member
One member from IHMA Member
One CMO/MO from the affected locality Member


  • Help and support DLR.
  • Determine the preventive medicine and refer it timely to SLEG.
  • Collect and collate the data including feed back studies and transfer it to DLR.
  • Laison with DLR.



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