The Tribal Mobile Medical Unit

//The Tribal Mobile Medical Unit
The Tribal Mobile Medical Unit

The Tribal Mobile Medical Unit (TMMU) of Homoeopathy functioning among the tribal settlement areas in marayoor, kanthalloor and chinnakanal panchayats in Idukki district reveals that they are illiterate and very poor, totally ignorant of basic principles of health, sanitation and hygiene, following their own custom, and uncared for the future. Deficiency diseases, use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are common. Female members shoulder the burden of family maintenance. Old people are neglected and unattended. Hence, health and sanitary education, supply of nutritional foods,  the tribes demands the most priority at physical, mental and emotional levels. In this circumstance, Homoeopathy, the holistic healing art can do wonders. In view of the above, it is proposed that a large scale campaign conducted in the settlement areas under the supervision and guidance of an expert homoeopathic physician with a medical team is absolutely necessary.

The state has the responsibility to promote, with special care, the education and economic interests of scheduled tribes and protect them from social injustice and all forms of exploitation. Their development is a special responsibility of the state. Among tribes, personal, household and community hygiene are very poor. They do attributes the cause of majority of the diseases. Many of these tribal women were engaged in agriculture, forestry and as part time labourers. In addition to these, majority of the women are illiterate and unskilled. Due to lack of hospital and transport facilities, people in this region need to walk a long distance of foot hence, most of them avoid regular check up from the health centres.
The unique topography and changing weather conditions in Idukki District gives rise to various health problems and unpredictable seasonal epidemic outbreaks. This project aims at providing a quality health care by promotion of health education and prevention of diseases at low cost and without any side effects through Homoeopathy to the Tribal community.


Empowerment of tribal women by providing intellectual, nutritional and sanitary health education for housewives, working women, pregnant ladies, young mothers and adolescent girls.
Aware about the significance of social and moral values, relevance of caring each other and respecting elders, necessity of savings and earning money for the family. Educate the parent about the importance of strong family bonding for a better tomorrow.

  • Control of epidemics through genus epidemicus
  • Control of alcoholism, smocking ,tobacco chewing and drug addiction
  • Increase socio-economic status
  • Achievement of sincere family relationship.
  • Achievement of better sanitation.
  • Improvement in health and nutritional status.
  • Effectiveness of early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease through laboratory investigation.
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