Homoeopathy Department, Govt. of Kerala is launching the first gender based programme for women Health care – Seethalayam to empower women’s mental, physical and social health. The main aim of the project is to provide aid for suffering women in the society. The majority of ladies are facing physical and mental torture in domestic and social environment. Domestic tortures are mainly due to dowry related issues, nuclear family constrains and substance abuse. Increasing incidence of suicidal tendencies in women is mainly attributed to their family problems, mental illness, physical Illness and financial problems. It is well proved that Homoeopathy can alleviate mental aberrations and suicidal tendencies with out any bad effects and financial burden.

After consultation and detailed interrogation the lady Homoeopathic Physician identifies the actual route cause of the problem and gives necessary treatment and counseling (with the help of a psychologist) if needed treatment is also extended to the family members. In essential cases the person can be admitted in the hospital for strict Homoeopathic care. Along with treatment Seethalayam is committed to provide the multi dimensional supports from the Social and Family Welfare Departments, State Women’s Commission, Home department and other NGOs etc.


Working Plan

In the first phase we are started 3 centers at hospitals in 2010-11

  1. District Homoeo Hospital, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram,
  2. Thaluk Homoeo Hospital, Kurichi Kottayam.
  3. District Homoeo Hospital, Erangikkal, Kozhikkode.

Department Started 11 more centre of seethalayam in the remaining 11 districts with the help of one time additoinal Central Assistance in 2011-12.

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