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Chethana – Pain & Palliative Care

CHETHANA – Palliative Care Project of Dept of Homoeoepathy. Chethana – The palliative care is an approach which aims at improving the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problems associated with life threatening illness, through an integrated


Sadgamaya is the child centric project of Department of Homoepathy.It aims at managing problems of children below the age of 19 years. It focuses mainly on managing health problems, behavioral and learning disorders of children. These disorders are rising phenomenally in our


Life style diseases are very much advent in current days.There are the diseases which are resulting out of an improper relation ship that has been built between nature and man.With an aim to eradicate and resist these life style diseases


Janani : Where dreams come true Set up as Ammayum Kunjum (Mother & Child) in 2012 in Kannur District, Janani – a dream initiative of Homoeopathy Department received wide acclaim within a very short period. It has become a ray of


Homoeopathy Department, Govt. of Kerala is launching the first gender based programme for women Health care – Seethalayam to empower women’s mental, physical and social health. The main aim of the project is to provide aid for suffering women in

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